Product Details

As a small family business we take good care to provide you with the best service possible when it comes to producing high quality custom engraved headstones.

Using the latest technology for laser engraved headstones, not only do we engrave upon all surfaces – such as marble, granite and stone – but we are also specialists in engraving photographs. Simply provide us with a good quality photographic image and we will reproduce it onto your chosen material.

Looking for a headstone that is truly unique and full of character? Then contact us regarding engraving a rockabilly tattoo style headstone. We have an affinity with the steampunk style and would love to help you create a design that will commemorate a loved one whilst embracing their true character.

Stone Masons & Funeral Homes: We also do wholesale headstones, available in Brisbane and Australia. Please enquire for more details.

Cost: Engraving costs vary according to the size and detail of the engraving. A small detailed photograph (250mmx150mm) starts at $350 and up from $650 for larger photographs (720mmx420mm).
A quality headstone is from $1500 upwards and also depends on the shape, size and availability.

We know many local and Gold Coast cemeteries and what their conditions are. Some plots are situated within a cemetery that allows only certain types of headstones. If you haven’t thought to have already picked out a cemetery we can be a very helpful starting point.

Processing: If you order from headstones we have in stock, an engraved head stone could be completed in 2 weeks. We have curved and wave topped in black granite in stock to date. More coming soon from stone masons. They are sold and lay in waiting for some organised families so stock levels vary daily. If ordering a custom made headstone, the process could be 8 – 10 weeks. Times will be calculated with design quotes. Only Black Granite or solid teak timber ( oiled or varnished) suit photograph engraving. Other materials can have normal engraving, including white marble, (polished or honed) grey granite ( polished or stippled), etc.

Terms and Conditions: We require 50% deposit upon ordering and final 50% upon completion. If required he could set up a payment plan of 20% payment installments. Yes we take credit card, both amex and visa as well as paypal, we would simply send you an invoice for a custom order such as a headstone. If you have funeral insurance we are happy to invoice them and will begin once invoice is paid.

All cemeteries are government regulated hence have council fees involved. These need to be paid before the “plot” is allocated to a family then to a headstone business such as GG. There are different kinds of burial options and tho helpful council link explains the difference between a lawn burial and a lawn beam burial.

There needs to be a permission letter from the family member who is the authorised person to speak for the plot to the council to say that we are engaged. This is simple and done via email to us that which we forward to the appropriate council.

Brisbane City Council Website 

There is a 6 month time span from funeral to Headstone application to site so the soil can settle. This is a legal council stipulation.

See our price guide for more information or fill out our simple form for a quick quote. We’re also more than happy to speak to you directly so please visit our contact page for details on how to get in touch.