Get inspired by some of our custom engraving projects for past clients!
At Grand & Grave we like to keep things unique which is why we have developed our very own tattoo style designs for engraving upon headstones, memorials and plaques.
Custom engraved memorial plaques and headstones can be given a personal touch with our highly skilled photo engraving service.
As specialists in the technique of engraving photographs onto stone and other surfaces we know how impressive the results can be. This service is perfect for memorials, plaques and headstones.
Custom engraving upon ceramic surfaces is another service that we offer. This can be used for smaller memorials, commemorative items and plaques.
We are specialists in photograph engraving, as this recent custom made headstone demonstrates. High quality images can be engraved upon most surfaces, including stone, granite, marble and glass. 

Memories Set In Stone.
Looking to outsource your needs for engraving onto marble, stone or granite? Then get in touch with us to find out how we can be of help to you.
A unique pet memorial is the perfect way  to celebrate the life of a faithful friend which is why our Memory Stones are so popular. These commemorative stones allow you to mark the passing of your pet as well as keep their presence alive.
In addition to being photo engraving specialists we are also highly skilled in signage engraving, whether it be a cut out or more traditional in style. Visit out Custom Signage page for more details.
As well as engraving for large items such as headstones we can also custom engrave on a smaller scale, often a great option for those in need of a personalised pet memorial or urn engraving.
We can make custom laser engravings to order for many different personal projects, whether they be commemorative or for business. Simply speak to us directly to find out how we can help you with your requirements.
A custom engraved sign for your business can be a subtle way of translating the idea of excellence to your customer.
Our custom engraving can be applied to many different projects, such as this one for engraved wooden posts for use in the garden.
The photo engraving service that we offer can also be applied to wood as well as stone, granite and marble.
Our Memory Stone are a simple yet beautiful way to commemorate your pet.
Our tattoo style designs look stunning when engraved. We are happy to help you develop your own tattoo style engraving designs too.