Product Details

If you would like to enhance an engraved headstone or pet plaque with a silver or gold colour rub then we can do it for you.

From our Brisbane Engraving Studio we can meticulously create stunning gold or silver colour rubs to liven up an engraving on stone, granite or marble.

Whether you have an already engraved item ready for a colour rub or would like us to help you with your engraving project from start to finish we are happy to be of service.

As colour rub ages with time, especially when exposed to the elements, we also offer a maintenance service to update the vibrance of a colour rubbed item for a fee of $150. This can be done annually, or at a frequency that suits you. Just like your home, a colour rubbed engraving will need “re-painting” after some time!

Are you a Stone Mason in Brisbane outsourcing for colour rub far away? 

Then get in touch with us to find out how you can save money by having your gold or silver colour rub done much closer to home from our Brisbane based studio.